Board Meeting August 8, 2019
7 PM at Pine Island Center

Road Problem at Oak Grove Circle and Oakleigh Lane
is not a "sinkhole"

A 15 inch storm drain pipe break occurred between 2 storm drains. Sand and fill material entered the pipe break under the road and resulted in a considerable void beneath to road surface. The small hole in the road surface doesn’t show the extent on the damage below the road. The Town of Davie and Sunrise Utilities was called in by our property manager immediately when the small hole appeared. Sunrise used a camera to scope their sewer lines and found no damage. The Town of Davie noted that the location is under a “private road” which the town has no responsibility for.

The Board had the property manager call in an inspection service who pumped out 2 drains and used a camera to look into the piping in the sewer drain system. They found a crushed 15” pipe and a break which allowed the subsurface of the road to empty into the sewer drain system. There is a very large “washout” diameter under the road now which is why the barricades were installed.

The Board has solicited bids to replace the pipe, fill the gap structurally, and resurface the road. Although we don't have all bids at this time this is an expensive proposition including the inspection and barricades costs. Fortunately, Oak Grove has sufficient reserve funds available to cover this completely unplanned expense. The Board has been funding the reserve to cover future costs of maintaining our “private road”, but never anticipated an event such as what has occurred. When preparing our budget for next year the Board will need to review our reserve funding in detail when determining monthly homeowner fees.

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